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Name: Fading Away
Features: Roxas and Xion of Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days
Tools: Adobe Photoshop CS3, Notepad
Images: Took the screencaps myself and idk where I got the official renders sorry
Fonts: Bickham Script Pro, Felix Titling, Lainie Day SH, 04b03
Lyrics: Within Temptation - Lost
Comments: A very old layout I wanted to bring back because I got sick of my last layout and wanted to use a KH layout that I love a great deal. So, here's this. The main focus of this layout is Xion disappearing, bubbles of memories of her fading in the bg, her blurred out by Roxas' side, etc. The lyrics of this song really suit Xion and how Roxas might feel knowing deep down that something is missing--that Xion is missing. So it's a really important layout to me and I just wanted to use it again to bring in the KH3 hype!!!!

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00000 Monday 17 December 2018 @ 11:05 pm


Just. The first half made me all happy and shit but the second half??????????? UM. SOMEONE HELP.

No but like I cried. I legitimately cried. I’m just so overcome with emotion that I can’t deal lmao

Can we just talk about Lea and Kairi being bros and then him going ‘who are you?’ to what appears to be Xion holding her keyblade against him and then doNALD DUCK COLLAPSING IN BATTLE I’M SO SAD and then Kairi being swept away and riKU FIGHTING RIKU REPLICA AND THEN THE WAY HE PROTECTS SORA AND SORA’S SCREAM I CAN’T!!!! HANDLE IT!!!!!!!

I don’t know man, I know it’s probably silly but you have to understand, I have been playing Kingdom Hearts since it came out when I was 12 years old. I have been waiting longer than I was even alive when it came out for KH3 to happen. And now in one month, it’s happening. I can’t even believe. It’s almost here, for real, no delays, nothing. It’s completed and ready for us to play when it’s time. It makes me cry because this series feels like home to me. It really does. It is home. It’s what comforts me when I’m at my lowest. I just really love this series with all my heart and it will always have a very special place in my heart. I hope that one day, if I decide to have children, that I can share this with them and that they’ll feel the same way about it as I do. I don’t expect that, of course, but it would be so nice if it did mean something to them.

But anyway, KH3 will be a fun game, full of emotions and heartache, I’m sure lol I’m ready to play it and cry and feel things. I just wonder if there will be other Disney worlds they haven’t revealed yet. I’m excited to find out if we get more, but if not, I’m pretty content with the selection we have. Would’ve loved to see Nightmare Before Christmas again but there’s not much more story to draw from it so I’m not holding my breath lol

I just… left this for a bit to go read some old things for I don’t know what reason. So, I think I’ll write another entry later about that. But for now, just know that Kingdom Hearts is my world and when KH3 comes out, I will be in a big comfy KH3 hole until I finish it lol it’s gonna be so fun!!!!

♥ Brittany

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