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Comments: I made this layout in 2010? I think? For Halloween. It still stands as the best layout I've ever made and it's really a shame that I didn't use it for very long. So I decided to bring it back for this year's Halloween season because... I can. I really love this layout, every aspect of it is handmade. The tombstone tables, the smokey border around the blend, the cutting around the images, etc. Even the bg was a fair bit of work, though I did use some ghosty pattern that I can't for my life find the credit link for ;; But all in all this layout is some of my proudest work and seeing as I'm already in the Halloween spirit, I decided to bring it back! Possibly forever.

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and before you know, you’re feeling old and your heart is breaking
00000 Sunday 6 May 2018 @ 8:11 pm

I officially graduated college yesterday. Felt weird. I was awkward as fuck, kept saying congratulations back to people congratulating me instead of thank you, didn’t know where to look when they took my picture on stage, no one really clapped or cheered for me, i had to make arrangements to wait at the bottom of the stairs for my spot in line because at rehearsal i caused a big gap in the line because I can’t go down stairs fast. It made me anxious the whole day before graduation lmao but luckily arrangements were made and I didn’t have to worry about it. I knew the girls I sat with, also from the psych department, so that made it easier to be like hey save my spot for me. So it wasn’t too bad. I just feel stupid for being an awkward turtle but I guess it’s endearing lmao I was just nervous and I’m used to saying pleasantries back to people so I just sfsdjfj

DEAN: ……

Yeah. That happened.

But anyway. Some guy talked to me because he was like ‘do u need company waiting down here by urself’ and I was like uhhhhhh I mean he was cute but I apparently didn’t recognize that I knew him lmao I still don’t remember his name, but he was in my poetry class and told me he loved my poetry and still thinks about it and that it has a song-like quality and that I’m really talented. SO. That made me feel happy but also weird lmao like did you save my poetry or something ksdjfksdj But it was nice, I was grateful to hear that my poetry made an impact on someone. I don’t write much anymore, that class kind of drained me, but I am proud of a lot of what I wrote for that class so it was nice to hear someone appreciated it.

But in any event, the ceremony was nice. It was shorter than expected but I have a tiny school so there were only like a couple hundred graduates. I was proud to see some kids graduate because I remember when they were freshmen lol I’m class of 2017 but since I didn’t walk last year and I graduated a semester late I’m officially class of 2018 but that’s okay. I didn’t get to see everyone else I went through hell with graduate but I got to see kids I helped to mentor graduate so it was nice. All in all it’s kind of a blur, I didn’t really want to go, honestly, I only did it because my mom was excited about it and kept saying I’d regret it but skdfjdsk I don’ think I would have lmao but hey I went. I did it.

It’s just a weird feeling of finality, though. Like I won’t be going back now. I saw my mentor, though, she grabbed my arm and was like BRITTANY when I saw her lol So I guess she loves me. She didn’t do that for anyone else and the girl behind me was like wow u must be important. Lmao. So that was a nice feeling, too. But I guess I will miss college. I already miss the routine, the structure, the sense of purpose. I miss the psych lounge. I miss a lot of memories. But it’s all in the past now and despite how some things have turned out, how sour some things became, I’ve got the memories from when they were good. Because things were once very good.

This song sums up my feelings about college, though. Makes me nostalgic and sad.

But it is what it is. Stuff ends, other stuff begins. You move on.

And for me, it looks like I’ve got another door to go through with grad school. I found another university that everyone says is good, they have a good counseling psych master’s program and they’re located close enough to where I won’t have to move far. So I’m seriously considering it. I could get my master’s in counseling psych, get licensed, be a counselor for a few years, and then try for my PhD again when I have more experience under my belt and better letters of recommendation, hopefully, and just more confidence overall. And hopefully better off in a health way, although I don’t count on that. But we’ll see. I want to be a clinical psychologist quite terribly, but I need to be realistic, I guess. And I will try my best to go through all of these decision-making processes as carefully as possible.

I’m restless and bored lately, and lacking energy to do anything, but I’m gonna look into volunteering somewhere and stuff. But we have to figure out our car situation because ours is not in great shape lmao it wasn’t to begin with but we can’t afford to fix everything that’s wrong with it. If we could, it’d be fine, but alas. So that’s a problem that needs fixed asap. I can’t really do anything until we get a new car or get ours fixed somehow lmao both require money we don’t have.

So it’s just, yeah, it’s a weird place I’m in right now. Hopefully soon stuff will start falling together in the right way and I’ll stop feeling useless lmao

♥ Brittany

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