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Name: Symptoms
Features: FFXV's Lunafreya and Noctis
Tools: Adobe Photoshop CS3, Notepad
Fonts: Idk one is called shorelines, century gothic is another, some small font...
Lyrics: SHINee - Symptoms
Comments: This took hours of work, mostly of me sitting there staring at Photoshop not knowing what I was doing, but eventually this happened. I was inspired by the song to make a layout with the lyrics, because I love them, and I also wanted to honor Kim Jonghyun's memory by using his lyrics. I chose Luna and Noct because, well, all I care about lately is FFXV sooooooo it made sense. This layout also came out bigger than expected, it looked a lot smaller in Photoshop and then I coded it and AHAHAHA but there's not much I can do about that, so sorry if it looks weird on your computer. I honestly tried. In general, though, I really like this layout. Not my best but there's a lot of feeling there. It was cathartic to make this layout.

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About Jonghyun
00000 Wednesday 20 December 2017 @ 9:50 am

The news about SHINee’s Jonghyun broke my heart. I’m still in shock. He was a light in this world, a beautiful person with a beautiful soul and I believe that he is still all of those things despite the fact that he’s no longer walking this earth.

Reading his suicide letter really… really broke me. I found myself relating to it too much. I will never say that I know how someone feels, because no one truly knows how anyone else feels. If I’ve truly learned anything in my undergraduate studies in psychology, it’s that. No one can ever know what another person’s subjective experiences are, not 100%. So no, I can’t say that I know what he felt. But I can understand because I’ve been in a similar dark place. I don’t know what’s stopped me from losing myself in that dark place, but I wish something would have stopped him. I wish so much that he were still living and that he could’ve gotten help to relieve some of his pain. But life doesn’t work the way it should. And it’s not fair.

SHINee was there for me in some dark times in my life. Through my last year of high school, especially, and all of the shit that came with having the family that I have. That’s why this hits so close to home. I never knew Jonghyun, I didn’t even follow the group that closely, but that’s beside the point. Maybe it is just pop music, maybe he was just an idol, but he was a human being first and foremost. What he was to me is irrelevant. He was a human being who just wanted to bring happiness to people’s hearts and he did that with his music and his bright personality. All the while he was hurting deep down inside and no one knew, because he hid it so well. And it’s just such a shame that such a beautiful person was taken from this world so soon, and by his own pain.

Depression is a deadly disease. People don’t take it seriously enough. It can be fatal. And in this case, it was.

It’s just so hard to process. It’s so hard to understand and wrap my head around. What could anyone have done to stop this? Why can’t we just put his soul back into his body and see him smile again? Because he’s never going to smile again, or sing, or write another beautiful song. It’s so heartbreaking to think about. All anyone can do is continue to keep his memory alive and honor him in whatever ways they can.

I don’t know what else to say because it truly hurts to have to say anything, to acknowledge that this is real.

But I will just say that, Jonghyun, you are loved, and I hope that your soul has found peace and that you can see how loved you are from wherever your soul is now. I hope that now you can rest easy without pain.

With that said, here is my favorite SHINee performance. I’ve been watching it constantly, because it brings me some comfort in this awful, awful time.

♥ Brittany

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